Shane's Hideaway by Sheridon Smythe

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    An unexpected blizzard, an accident that leads to amnesia, and a baby she doesn't recognize; could the situation get any more complicated? Leanndra DeHart discovers it can when she finds herself in a secluded cabin with a hot cop who invented the word brooding. As she struggles to regain her memory, Leanndra can't ignore the ring on her finger any more than her growing attraction to Shane Knox, the cop with a secret past of his own.
    The longer Leendra takes refuge in his cabin, the more questions pile up and the more Shane's cop radar tells him something is very wrong. Is she married? Is she the mother of baby Molly? And what was she doing out in a blizzard with no ID? Shane knows he must find out what - or who - Leanndra is running from, before their attraction takes them past the point of no return.

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-134-1
    (125 pages) Sweet


    You're losing it, Lee, or whoever you are. Lee laughed without humor at the thought. Lose it? She'd obviously already lost it. Her memory, her life, and her child.

    And a husband?

    Silently, she tiptoed to the door and eased it open, catching Shane in the process of changing out of his wet clothes.

    Stifling a gasp of embarrassment, Lee started to close the door again. She hesitated, her curious gaze drawn to the sight of his bare back.

    She couldn't resist.

    Her breath quickened as she watched his muscles ripple in the firelight. He slung the shirt onto the couch and turned slightly to reach for another, flinging a lock of hair from his eyes as he straightened. For a moment, she saw the tight, washboard stomach and narrow waist above his low-slung jeans before he turned his back to her again. He pulled the shirt over his head and shucked his jeans in one continuing motion, revealing rock-hard buttocks encased in white cotton underwear. His thighs looked powerful and just as hard, dusted with fine black hair.

    Lee swallowed, feeling her nipples tighten in response. She didn't want him to put on another pair of jeans, as he was doing now. She wanted him to turn around. She wanted to see--

    "You can come in now," he announced in a low voice. "Unless you'd like me to repeat the process so you can catch another look."




I'm a big fan of yours and I love your books! I can't wait to read more.

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    Shane's Hideaway

    Shane's Hideaway

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