Dare to Dance by Lainey Bancroft

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    Alexandra Reynolds usually looks forward to the reunion with her two best friends. They laughingly call their trio the 3-D club—deceived, discarded, divorced—and have enjoyed helping each other overcome fears and insecurities. But this year it’s her turn to perform, and Riana and Suzette have signed her up to do a burlesque routine at a gentleman’s club. They should know she doesn’t do sexy well. Years as the fat kid in school left her with a physical complex she just can’t shake. Her cheating ex husband certainly didn’t help. Nor did bartender, Matt McCoy, whom she’d carried a torch for in college. He’d never responded to her feeble attempts to flirt, and she’d concluded he didn’t find her sexy enough, but she can’t seem to shake memories of him either. She stumbles down the stage twirling a feather boa and swirling with nerves, only to fall right into Matt’s arms—literally. Will the evening become another brick in her ‘Alex doesn’t do sexy’ wall, or can a simple dare help her triumph over her self-consciousness and her old crush all in one night?

    19 Pages Sensual


    She exchanged a glance with Suzette as Riana's hips bumped a head here, a shoulder there, and even caused one man to slosh beer down his ample gut. He shot her a filthy glare but Riana carried on, oblivious to any discomfort she may have caused. She bumped her way back, toting an extra chair. "Whew. There we go. Did you get a drink?"

    Alex shook her head. "Never mind that right now. I'll get one in a sec." She cleared her throat, almost afraid to ask, "So, um, what's on the agenda?"

    "Remember that pole dancing class we took?" Suzette asked the question innocuously enough, but her crinkling grin made Alex break out in goose flesh.

    "No! You can't be serious."

    "Yeah, baby. What you need is to have a reunion with your inner vixen." Riana still stood, waving desperately in an attempt to garner the attention of the wait staff. She quit flagging her arm and faced their table with a whoop of laughter. Placing her hands on her ample hips, she executed a bump and grind that made Alexandra wish she had a blanket to conceal her. The vibrant hibiscus covered material of her flowing skirt swung from side to side like the sail of some bizarre sailing ship while her jiggling breasts threatened to escape the deep vee-neckline of the dress.

    Alex covered her face with her hands, trembling with mortification, and nervous laughter. "Good lord, would you sit? You look like one of those tacky motel beds set to vibrate mode."




Dare to Dance is a wonderful story by Lainey Bancroft is a fun story about friendship and finding that special someone. Alex’s two friends keep you on your toes till the end.
Suzette and Riana find a way to get Alex over her shyness and go for the dream that never happened. Dare to Dance is what true friendship is all about. Giving but asking for nothing in return is something that I have learned from this story. True friendship is hard to find and when you do treasure it forever. Ms Bancroft I will treasure this story for a long time. Thank you for a fantastic story and a fun read.

Reviewed by: Terri R. fallen angels 5/5



    Dare To Dance is a darling short story by Lainey Bancroft. Alex is courageous, even if she won’t admit it, and a wonderful woman. Life has not always been easy for her and she is determined not to let it get her down. Matt has spent years longing for Alex but he didn’t feel he was good enough for the beautiful woman. Now that he has her in his arms he is determined to claim the woman who got away. I loved his determination to reclaim Alex. I loved this story and it stayed in my mind long after the last page. I would love to know where the characters are today and how their relationship developed. An enjoyable read, Dare To Dance has its place on my keeper shelf!

    Reviewed by Tara Renee Two Lips Reviews 5/5



      I loved this one! It was funny and made me laugh out loud! I could picture it in my head like no other story I have read...I kept moving my mouse hoping there was more!

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        Dare to Dance

        Dare to Dance

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