Saving Grace by Patrice Moore

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  • Detective Patrick Hess is on a mission to find Margo, the missing ex-wife of a powerful man in Buffalo, New York. His search takes him to rural Oregon, where he focuses on a woman named Grace McNeal. Circumstantial evidence makes him believe that Grace is the woman he is seeking?but he's not quite sure. If Grace is indeed Margo, then she's done a remarkable job of altering not only her circumstances but her appearance as well.
    Grace, exhausted from trying to run a farm single-handed, hires on a man who says he is an author seeking farm experience for a book he is writing. She is leery of her decision to bring a stranger onto her farm, but after four years of hiding from an abusive, stalking ex-husband, she feels she can relax enough to hire help. Little does she know that the very man she hires is the man her ex-husband has sent to find her. How can Grace learn to trust Patrick in time to face the very real threat of her ex-husband discovering where she is?

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    (248 pages) Spicy


    Once in the sanctity of the house, Grace found she was shaking, shaking uncontrollably, shaking almost hysterically.

    So it was just as she'd expected. An innocent touch, the beginnings of attraction, and she froze up. She balled up her fists and pressed them against her eyes. She would not cry. She would not . To do so would be to admit that Kristopher had won. Kristopher, who had spent years whittling her down until she was a miserable zombie to his violence, would be so pleased to know that his arm could still stretch out and hurt her now, four years later and three thousand miles away.

    For the truth was, she wanted to be touched by Patrick. After four years of recovery, he was the first man in whom she was interested. And yet what happened the moment he touched her? Her mind shut down and her memories took over—memories that a man's touch was painful and vicious. For even when Kristopher hadn't been brutal physically, he had been mentally and emotionally vicious, telling her a packet of lies about herself over and over until she was forced to believe him. She knew Patrick was different—yet she'd behaved like a terrified rabbit.




Saving Grace is a compelling story which I enjoyed (and read in one day!) The characters are well developed. Grace's strength, and vulnerability is believable as is Patrick's dilemma. Tension builds to a climax that leaves the reader satisfied! Saving Grace is an excellent, interesting, and sensitive novel which I would recommend to anyone.

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    Saving Grace

    Saving Grace

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