Dragon Healer by Rachel Reeves

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  • Tani's spent the last few years of her life recovering from the heartbreak of her parents? mysterious death. She's continued to study everything she can about herbs and healing salves. Just as her soul is beginning to heal, she is faced with helping the elves cure a similar illness to the one which took her loving parents.
    Jerin is the heir to the Elfin kingdom, though all he seemed to care about were his beloved dragons. Then one day, the dragons became gravely ill with a malady the elves? best healers couldn't do anything about. Forced by his father to ask a human girl to help them find a cure; Jerin wars with his feelings toward humans, this one in particular.

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    "My name is Jerin, and I'd rather not tell you where we are going, I'd prefer to show you. It's not a place for humans and it is a good distance from here. We should get moving tonight so as to not waste time."

    "Well Jerin, there is no way I am going off on an adventure at night. Especially when I still don't know what or where it is."

    "If I tell you some, will you leave tonight?"

    "Possibly, but I'd have to gather my things."

    "An illness has taken over many whom I hold dear to my heart. We have tried everything we know how to do, but nothing has been able to cure this sickness."

    Tani observed Jerin as he continued on, describing the very thing that had taken her parents from her so many years ago. He spoke with a sadness that softened his features, which were so fierce just a few moments before. Tani felt helpless; there was no way she would be able to help these people. Her skills had grown, but she still did not know what she could do for the elves.

    "So what do you think I can do about it? I only make simple healing salves for minor ailments."

    "My father has been searching hard for a healer. His search has led to you, as I said before. You seem to be the only one that can help us."

    "I don't know how that could have come about. What you have described to me bears a resemblance to what befell my parents. I failed to save them from such a fate. I fear that I will do you no good."


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Dragon Healer

Dragon Healer

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