Mail Order Husband by Lauri Robinson

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  • Penny Jordan doesn't want a husband- she needs one. It's the only way she can save her ranch. Her pickings are slim, so she asks her friend from back east to find one and send him to the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory, ASAP. Penny soon discovers that her mail ordered husband is the last thing she needed- he's nothing more than a mail order problem!
    Jace Owens doesn't want a wife-again. When his meddling sister-in-law drugs and ships him to the middle of nowhere as a mail order husband, all he can focus on is getting back to Pennsylvania to wring her scrawny neck. Then he meets his new wife, and soon discovers he's going to have to convince her to let him stay-for a lifetime.

    (248 pages) Sweet


    He was so close Penny had to lean against the desk in order to tilt her head back far enough to look at his face.

    “Your inability to stay here? What about my inability to allow you to stay here? I don't want to be married-to you or to anyone else. I don't need your help, Mr. Owens. Nor do I want you to remain at my ranch. I could never allow a man who carries such low regard for women to remain in my presence.”

    “Low regard for women? I'll have you know, Miss Jordan, I have a very high regard for women, especially those who know what their role is! But that has nothing to do with the reason I can't remain here. I have a business to run in Pennsylvania. I have family there. I have commitments there. I have my life there!”

    “Please, Mr. Owens, we both know you haven't paid attention to your business, family, or life in Pennsylvania for almost a year now. You haven't cared about anyone or anything. You've been too busy wallowing in self-pity. Let me tell you something, Mr. Owens, death is part of life, get over it.”

    “Get over it?” Jace had never wanted to strike a woman before, but right now, he had a great desire to do so. No, on second thought, right now he wished Penny Jordan was a man so he could punch that little, freckle-covered, nose.

    “Yes, get over it! Quit being a burden to everyone around you! I for one, Mr. Owens, do not need another problem and that's just what you are, another problem.”




This book is a very romantic, yet suspenseful, tale of a woman who, when her father died, was left with a ranch to run, but was given absolutely no authority by the men in the area. The fact that a neighbor, Luke James, was determined to marry her and take over her ranch not only disgusted her, but terrified her; constantly, horrible things were happening to her cattle and her ranch and Penny Jordan needed a man! Penny did not want a man, but she needed one desperately. Finally, in anguish, she sent a telegram to her best friend, Candice Berlin-Owens, in Philadelphia, PA. It said, ?In desperate need stop please send husband stop.?
Candice had a brother-in-law whose wife and unborn child did not survive birth; he was grieving and drinking himself to death. Because he would not agree to go, Candice and her husband devised a plan for them to be married by proxy; she then drugged Jace with opium and took him to the Dakota Territory. It was five days after his arrival before he was aware of where he was. He walked onto the porch in time to see Luke James assaulting his ?wife.?

Ms. Lauri Robinson has written a well developed plot with strong characters. There are several with stories of their own; however, they all blended well with this unusual couple. He became part of the household of Penny?s step mother, Singing Dove, who was a healer, Mary Alice, her deceased brother?s sister, and Sam, a former slave, now Penny?s right-hand-man. The Copper Cow was the ranch owned by the Jordan?s; however, the Cattleman?s Association denied Penny the right to attend meetings.

There is a constant undercurrent of danger, but there are also some poignant moments which made me shed a few tears. This book is a great read and I was not ready for it to end. I envision this book will be a keeper for many bookshelves; I highly recommend that you read it!

Overall rating: Five Hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Brenda Talley (A Romance Review)
May 29, 2007

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    Mail Order Husband

    Mail Order Husband

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