Rare Passion by Jo Barrett

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  • Bailey Price has sworn off relationships. Men are at the bottom of her list, and she isn't too sure she shouldn't scratch them off completely. But when mistaken for a burglar by a Shakespeare quoting, cowboy boot wearing lawyer, she finds herself trapped in his arms and wonders if that's where she should stay, safe from the faceless man who wants her dead. But will her heart be safe?

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-005-1
    (147 pages) Spicy


    “You really should be more careful,” Grant said as he planted her firmly on the ladder.

    With one arm wrapped tightly around her, his mouth close to her ear, his warm breath stirred the tendrils of hair framing her face. She could feel his firm body pressed against her back, the heat of his hand on her waist. Unable to move or breathe, she fought the yearnings he stirred inside her. His thumb brushed across her rib, coming ever so close to her breast.

    “You're trembling,” he said, his voice low and sensuous.

    She had to get away from him. Away from his touch. Away from the temptation to fall into his arms and never look back. “Yes, most people do when faced with a fall. You can let me go now.”

    “I don't know. You seem pretty shaken up to me. Perhaps I should carry you down.”

    Jerking her head around ready to give him what-for, Bailey fell still. His face was even with hers and close—very close. As she nervously licked her lips, his gaze followed the path of her tongue across the edges of her mouth.A soft, almost imperceptible moan escaped her throat and his gaze leapt to hers. In an instant their lips met. His tongue darted back and forth, exploring, seeking, and sending shivers of desire racing through her. She'd never known such a feeling, such a need.


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Rare Passion

Rare Passion

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