To School A Cowboy by Susan Shay

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  • When Boone Dalton invites Julia Seymour to start a day camp on his ranch near Carson, OK, it's so he can keep his daughter close to home. Little does he know how much the beautiful teacher will change his life . . . until the day Julia steals his daughter.
    Julia Seymour vowed she'd never love another soul?until she finds herself growing dangerously close to her student, Annie, and Annie's father, Boone. When she realizes the jeopardy Boone is putting Annie in, she's forced to make the second hardest decision of her life.

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-036-1
    (228 pages) Spicy


    Heart pumping, Julia pushed the door wider. "What are you talking about? Is she missing?"

    He closed his eyes, clearly fighting for control, then took a shaky breath before looking at her. "She was playing in the front room while I fixed supper. The phone rang and when I got off, she was gone. Has she been here?"

    "I haven't seen her since the two of you left. Where have you looked?"

    "The house and the barn."

    She swallowed hard. "Sh-should I call the police?"

    "Yes--no, there's a place I want to look first." Turning, he let the screen door slam as he started away.

    "Wait! I'm going with you." Grabbing a flashlight from the outlet where she kept it charged, she swallowed back her anxiety, then carefully locked the door behind her. She ran to catch up with his long legged stride, taking two steps to each of his in order to stay up with him. "Where do you think she could be?"

    "When I was a boy, I built a tree house near the big pond on the south forty. I showed it to her last month and told her I used to go there anytime I needed to be alone."

    The sun drifted from the sky and the shadows deepened, pulling Julia's nerves taut. Why was she there, alone with that man? What good could she do? But how could she sit alone, safe in her house, knowing Annie was missing, that she wasn't safe?


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To School A Cowboy

To School A Cowboy

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