Redemption Of A Cavalier by Kathy Otten

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    Trying to redeem himself for the death of his fiancee's brother, Wesley Cole has put himself in the front lines of every battle he's fought in the Civil War, until hours before his next major battle when he accidentally meets the one woman who's love and forgiveness can offer him peace.

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    Abby bit her lip and shook her head. "No, Wes, we'll go together. You don't have to prove anythin' to me."

    But he had to prove it to himself. He wasn't a coward!

    He stared at her for several heartbeats. He never blamed her for breaking their engagement; he knew she deserved better than him. But this war was so uncertain, their lives all so fragile he wondered if they'd stay safe, if he'd ever see them again--Abby or the boy.




"With an economy of words, Kathy Otten has proven once again in REDEMPTION OF A CAVALIER, that a great story comes from the deep emotions of its characters. REDEMPTION OF A CAVALIER is a story that will most assuredly win your heart. I highly recommend it."
Reviewed by Sal
Reviewer for Two Lips Reviews
Rated-5 Kisses and a Recommended Read



    I really enjoyed this tale, not in the least because of the fine (and accurate) historical details. Certain Confederate soldiers did indeed carry the super accurate Whitworth rifle. Military action along the Ni River in May of 1864 is well documented, and other, similar details throughout are true to the time period. You don't need to be a Civil War buff to enjoy this story, but if you are, you will not be disappointed. For all that the action is military, this is a wonderful and heartfelt romance. It is beautifully written and all of the action is intriguing.

    Reviewed by Snapdragon
    Long and Short Reviews Rated 4 1/2 books



      Another wonderful Western romance from Kathy Otten, REDEMPTION OF A CAVALIER has strong action scenes that balance the moments of tension and romance. Once again filled with detail that really anchors this story in its historical setting, it has an upbeat ending that doesn't disregard the horrors of the Civil War.

      Big themes of duty and honour, cowardice and courage, and most of all love, are skillfully encapsulated in this little tale. Kathy Otten's prose is crisp and fluid, entertaining and edifying. She could probably give classes on how to write the perfect short story.

      Well written and moving, this one's a winner

      Reviewed by Singapore Sling
      Cocktail Reviews Rated 5 Champagne glasses



        Redemption of a Cavalier by Kathy Otten is a poignant tale, one of forgiveness and moving on. It is a sweet touching love story. I liked the way the author made her character come alive, despite the brevity of the story. I felt as if I could feel thier emotions and was deeply moved by the way Wesley and Abby didn't waste time when they met. This story gave me a poignant glimpse into the reality of the time, and I enjoyed it very much.

        Reviewed by: Marlene
        Fallen Angel Reviews rated 4 angels



          Ms. Kathy Otten has written a compelling tale which took place in the midst of the Civil War. No one I have previously read has been able to put the reader into the middle of the war and show extensive action in so few words. I am impressed with her ability and the depth she as portrayed in her story. I reccommend it to anyone who wanta quich read that tells a gripping saga.

          Reviewed by Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio rating: Four and a half hearts

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            Redemption Of A Cavalier

            Redemption Of A Cavalier

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