Crashed by Lisa Dawn MacDonald

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    Mars is angry and Mercury is retrograde, however, Venus has Jessie French's back. Jessie has crashed into Andrew Jordan's car and now she's crashing into his life.

    Miniature Rose (16 pages) Sensual


    "Excuse me," Jessie interrupted. Oh my, the man was tall. She'd never been considered petite, yet she had to crane her neck to look into his face. The breadth of his shoulders blotted out the sun. Sandy blond hair and green eyes to swim in. Jessie marveled at the intense impact his physical appearance had on her tummy. Her heart jumped from an apprehensive beat to a fluttering tempo. Perhaps she should have checked her relationship forecast instead of her financial.

    Her gaze traveled from his broad shoulders, stiff with tension, down the muscular chest that tapered to a trim waist. She swallowed hard. Solid thighs were encased in black Dockers. Those heart flutters drifted lower and morphed into a sexual twitch between her legs. She licked her upper lip. Nice package. She didn't know what he did to afford a BMW, but the man wore working casual like a male model.

    "Are you hurt?" She stumbled over the words. She should have been concerned over the accident, but all she could do was imagine this man naked.




Jessie's got a lousy horoscope and a day to match. On a day where everything's going wrong, she finds the one thing that makes it right.



    A charming,sexy and fun read that has you routing for Jessie, who is just trying to get to work in her trusty Toyota. Her horoscope says Mars is not in her corner but it sure looks like she might be crashing into romance with a handsome BMW owner. Lisa Dawn MacDonald has penned a delightful book that will leave you smiling.

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