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  • Hellion…Half-breed…Whore…

    Cassie Taylor has heard them all. Proud spinster, suffragist, and owner of the water rights to all the neighboring ranches, she is both the most powerful and most despised resident in the rough and tumble cattle town of Encanto, Arizona. After a severe drought forces her to ration the water supply, even the few friends Cassie has turn on her. Tempers flare and tensions build while everyone awaits a hard rain.

    Not all are content to wait and unite to rid the town of the crazy female who thinks herself any man's equal. But Cassie's prepared to face any challenge. Until the day a sexy and very dangerous drifter rides into town, bent on changing the balance of power.

    PRINT ISBN 1-60154-035-3
    (186 pages) Hot


    With the ferocity of a caged animal, Cassie whirled on Raul. “How dare you!”

    “Please calm down, patrona ,” Raul said, raising both hands in a peace-making gesture. “I was only trying to help.”

    “Help?” She punched at his chest with her pointer finger. “I ordered you to let Jesse go. Now you've only managed to make things worse. You know who that was?”

    Beneath his drooping, walrus mustache, Raul pursed his lips and spat on the ground. “I am not afraid of that pistolero.”

    “You don't say?” Cassie put her hands on her hips. “So you had everything under control until I showed up, right?”

    “I did not know the boy was with him,” Raul said with a shrug. “I only wished t-”

    “Enough!” She stopped him with a wave of her hand. “If you hadn't interfered, none of this would've happened.”

    Retrieving her gun, Cassie holstered it securely. Her angry gaze settled on Paco and Mario standing by the barn, actively exchanging glances.

    “Leave us,” she said to them. “I'll deal with you two later.”

    The brothers darted by her amid a flurry of awkwardly mumbled apologies.

    Raul walked up behind her. “Do not punish them, patrona. They were only doing as I ordered.”

    “I know they were,” Cassie said, rounding on him, “that's the problem. You seem to forget that I am boss here.”

    “I do not forget.” He pulled his shoulders back and stood tall. “I only wish to help, like I helped Don Garrett for so many years.”

    Cassie swallowed the acrid lump in her throat. He always played this card with her.




ISBN# 1-60154-035-3
February 2007
The Wild Rose Press
185 Pages
Historical Romance/Western
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassie Taylor does not need a man to take care of her. Since inheriting her father?s ranch, she can handle any situation until Cole Mitchell rides upon her land and steals her heart. It does not take Cassie long to learn men do not like taking orders from women but that does not stop the way she runs her ranch.

Cole Mitchell, gunslinger, does not wish to work for evil landowner Barrington. After seeing how Cassie, and some of the others in the valley, are treated, he feels it is time to make things right.

Cassie owns the water rights that supply the water to the local ranchers and others. When a drought hits she must ration water, which does not appease some of the ranchers, Barrington for one, who would love to put Cassie in her place. He even treats his wife, Katherine, with extreme disgust. Katherine is smarter than her husband gives her credit. After Cole meets Cassie, they do not hit it off their first visit but after learning from Katherine that her husband plans on sending some men to put Cassie in her place, Cole rushes to Cassie?s defense. Now Cassie feels she has surrendered her heart and trust once she falls into Cole?s embraceable arms.

Dry Moon took me by surprise. Enticing, thrilling, edge of the seat entertainment that spins with great freshness in an explosive read that satisfies. I admire the sass, spirit and determination of Cassie. Cole is the cowboy that oozes with credibility to make things right and to protect the innocent. Karyna Da Rosa has hooked me as a reader with this winning read. The in-depth secondary characters add just the right amount of essentials to make the storyline rapidly moving while keeping the reader engaged in this worthwhile romance.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



    Dry Moon
    Karyna Da Rosa
    Historical romance
    Available from The Wild Rose Press
    ISBN: 1-60154-035-3
    February 2007

    Ms. Da Rosa has set the bar high with her debut novel. Her entrance into the world of historical romance has, indeed, produced a major victory! The premise, though not unheard of, is unique so that what you read is definitely not the cookie-cutter type.

    I believe that anyone, regardless of their preferred genre, will absolutely love this rendition.

    Cassie Taylor has inherited her working ranch from her father; she dresses like a man, works like a man, and does not need a man to take care of her. She truly believes that men are all alike and no woman needs a man to complete, or take care of, her. That she has trouble dealing with the other local ranchers is, of course, as expected. Men in general do not like answering to a woman and like it even less when they have to pay attention to what she says and does. She owns the water rights that supply water, not only to local ranches, but also to others. Because of the severe drought, she is forced to ration the water. That is certainly not a popular decision.

    Her biggest obstacle is the largest land baron in the area (both land-wise and body size). Although he already has men working for him, he hires a gunslinger to intimidate and make the others do his bidding. He treats everyone as he treats his beautiful, young wife?: disgustingly! The hired gunman, Cole Mitchell, knows something is amiss, but does not know what. He knows that, when he meets Cassie, his life will never be the same. To say that the chemical reaction each feels is undesirable would be an understatement. However, this story, thanks to Ms. Da Rosa, explores a myriad of actions and emotions.

    Dry Moon is definitely a book destined to be a keeper! I was unable, or unwilling, to put it down. I read through the night to finish and was not disappointed. The ending is as remarkable as the beginning. Kudos to Ms. Da Rosa for the book!

    Overall rating:5 Hearts
    Sensuality rating: Explicit

    Reviewer: Brenda Talley Reviewer for the Romance Studio
    February 22, 2007



      Fast-paced, emotionally charged, nail biting romance that pulled me in from the very first sentence. I could not put this book down! This is a remarkable story from beginning to end. This author is one to watch.



        This is one of the best historical romances I've read in a very long while. Though I usually prefer Regency to Western subgenres, I was NOT disappointed in this rendition. Action, excitement, passion...this book's got it all. From the very first page, I was hooked. I read the entire book in one sitting and I wasn't disappointed. I highly recommend Dry Moon to all historical romance aficionados.



          Couldn't put this book down. It heats up with excitement and sexual tension. Through the death of her father, Cassie Taylor now owns the water rights and controls the supply of water in this dry territory. Water is better than gold in this desert land and like gold, some think it's worth killing for. When one of the largest ranchers hires a gun man, Cassie knows there is a showdown coming. What she doesn't expect is her physical attraction to the cold-hearted gunslinger. Cole Mitchell has a code of honor and it doesn't include killing innocent women. Though he's been hired to protect his boss' interests, he begins to suspect him of more than foul play. When he meets Cassie Taylor he finds her a vibrant, independent and tempting woman and he wants to find out just how innocent she really is. As his boss takes things into his own hands, Cole has to decide just who he is protecting--and why. And Cassie has to decide who she can trust--with more than her life. Not only does Karyna DaRosa draw great characters, her scenes positively sizzle right off the page. Definitely a book you'll read again and again for the excitement of the adventure and the pleasure of the romance.

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            Dry Moon

            Dry Moon

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