To Capture Love by Shereen Vedam

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    In 1813, a timid sculptor wants to complete the commission to sculpt a replica of a soldier slain in the Peninsular war for a museum exhibition, but the man's grieving brother gives her a severe set down, not realizing he's speaking to the very artist he's engaged to create a loving monument he hopes will help him heal from the emotional pain of losing his brother.

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    "You're right, sir. Best, if his lordship never finds out that I'm not the 'man' he thinks he has employed."

    "Exactly, Miss Black," the curator said. His frightened gaze grew thoughtful. "Perhaps we can find another artist and convince him to pretend to be P. Black?"

    Pauline shook her head. "If you do, the earl will not be as satisfied with the statue. I recall you saying he particularly liked my style of carving."

    The curator spread his arms wide. "Oh, it's hopeless. He will pauper me as just punishment. I shall not have sixpence to scratch with by the end of the Season."

    "Calm yourself, sir, for I've an idea." If the curator had known her as well as her family, this statement would have sent him immediately into doldrums. However, to her favor, the poor man had no such knowledge of Pauline's mad schemes. "We shall simply tell his lordship that the artist is a recluse." She shrugged. "He already believes this and we shall convince him that not even to meet the man who intends to pay the vast sum his lordship has proposed, would she, or 'he' be willing to come out of hiding."

    The first sign of hope flashed across the curator's face. "Could this work?"

    "Why should it not?" Pauline asked. "I've already displeased him once by missing our appointment. Yet, he still wants me to do the work. There is only one problem I see. To do a credible job of the earl's brother, I shall need to view a depiction of him. And hear stories of his character, his likes and dislikes. I must know him as well as the earl. Yet, how can I?"

    "I've a portrait of the gentleman." The curator ran to fetch it.

    Pauline waited with a racing pulse, anticipation and fear warring within her. Could she do this? Would she get caught? And what would the earl do if he found out he'd been tricked?




20 Pages
Historical Romance/Regency
Rating: 4 Cups

Pauline has struck a deal with her parents; in return for them allowing her to pursue her sculpting, she must attend five Ton events a season and smile at prospective suitors. Her latest sculpture is a challenge, and she must learn all about its subject.

Matthew ?Stone? Livingstone, Earl of Ashford, has been injured in the Peninsular Wars, and he also lost his brother in the same conflict. The sculptor P. Black may just be the artist to capture Geoffrey?s irrepressible spirit, but the artist is very reclusive.

A female artist is charged with capturing the likeness of a soldier killed in battle. His brother is unaware of her identity, and she faces the challenge of learning all she can about her subject without giving herself away.

Stone and Pauline are really well developed characters. Pauline is an artist in a time where a female sculptor is definitely not accepted. She also maintains her place in society as a compromise with her parents, who are very forward thinking for their time. Stone is mourning the loss of a beloved brother, suffering from an injury and avoiding the matchmakers of the Ton. He is looking forward to the tribute he has commissioned, but frustrated by the secrecy behind the artist. He is intrigued and attracted to Pauline who suddenly disappears. This is a very well written Regency type tale and the characters are so real the reader will feel that they know them. The author has a very good grasp of the period. I loved the way Pauline is able to live in both worlds, as a marriageable young woman of society, and as a very talented artist, all with the approval of her family. This is a great story that fans of this genre will definitely want to read.

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    "Beautifully written, fresh and uplifting - couldn't put it down until finished.

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      To Capture Love

      To Capture Love

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