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Expedition Of Love by Jo Barrett

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  • Doctor Stephen Baxter, an up-and-coming scientist in the world of paleontology, collides heart first with the unconventional Miss Kristina Peterson. Her extremely vocal views on women's suffrage, and her exceptional knowledge of paleontology leave the stoic doctor dumbfounded. But he knows he is not the man for her.
    Having no desire to marry, Kristina Peterson never gave much thought to sex other than the scientific aspects until now. Thrown together by her matchmaking father on a paleontology expedition, she discovers that beneath Stephen Baxter's stoic exterior lies a handsome and extremely interesting man. A man she decides would be the perfect choice to show her the wonders of intimacy?without resulting in matrimony, of course.

    ISBN 1-60154-015-9
    (319 pages) - Spicy


    Stephen couldn't stop himself from clasping her hand and holding it over his heart. Her big brown eyes full of concern, her red lips glistening in the sun as she rambled on about Mr. Walters, trying to explain everything in one breath. She was so charming, so alive. Viedma with its brightly painted buildings and colorful street vendors paled in comparison to her vibrancy.

    “I've tried every argument I can think of to convince him,” she continued. “I've even touted the suffrage movement, which I know he abides, but he still doesn't believe me.”

    The sounds of the peddlers faded. All he could hear was his pounding heart and her rapid words. The smell of her tantalizing aroma mixing with the rich smells of the market flowed through his brain, drugging his commonsense.

    His head dipped closer to hers, determined to silence her with a kiss. Not a mere brushing of lips, but a breath-stealing foray of passion he would remember for the rest of his life. There was no doubt she would taste as sweet as summer rain and set fire to every nerve ending in his body.

    Her ramblings slowed to silence as his lips neared hers. Anticipation of her exquisite lips meeting his engulfed his thoughts. He nearly groaned as her dainty tongue darted out, moistening the edge.

    Just one kiss. One amazing kiss.


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Expedition Of Love

Expedition Of Love

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