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The Windshield by Jo Barrett

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  • Mike's unscheduled trip through a windshield leaves him battling to regain his speech and the use of his body. He detests the pitying eyes and odd stares, but he's better than before. He can walk. Something they said would never happen, he can speak, too, but not well. Facing months, perhaps years of therapy, he's determined to get his life back, only he hadn't planned on falling in love with his beautiful, but very engaged, speech therapist. Someone he knows who will never see him as anything but a client and a cripple.

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"I found this story to be emotionally touching and I couldn't help but feel for everything that Mike was going through. The author did a good job conveying Mike's feelings throughout the story and you couldn't help but cheer him on after everything he went through after the accident."

Reviewed by Diana at Night Owl Romance

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    The Windshield

    The Windshield

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