Hidden Curves by Jo Barrett

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  • Zeke Snow isn't exactly sure what to do with the woman who represents everything he's spent the last three years trying to forget. She's irritating, argumentative, and damned annoying.and she smells like heaven. He'll either kill her or kiss her before their journey is over. Or will he simply give into his heart and love her?

    All Susan Thompson ever wanted was to be happy, but is getting married simply because it's expected the answer? Stranded in a snowstorm with a gruff but handsome truck driver as her only means of transportation, thoughts of her fiancé begin to fade as she learns more about her heart than she ever dreamed possible.

    ISBN 1-60154-001-9
    (156 pages) - spicy


    His mouth turned up at the corner in a cocky grin, as he snatched her hand and dragged her to the side of the diner away from curious eyes.

    "What are you doing? Let go of me," Susan insisted.

    "Not on your life. You and I have a few things to clear up, sweetheart."

    "Oh, really, and what pray tell would that be, dear?" She tugged at her wrist, but rapidly lost interest in getting free.

    He pinned her against the wall, his fingers holding her firmly in place at the shoulders. "You just admitted that you like me."

    She tilted up her chin, ignoring the look in his eyes and how it heated her to the core. "I also mentioned murder."

    Chuckling, he tilted his hat back off his forehead and moved closer. She could feel the brush of his breath across her cheek. "I give up. Why don't you?"

    "I don't know what you mean?" She was an engaged woman. Regardless of her doubts about how she felt about Derrick, she shouldn't be standing in the middle of a parking lot wishing with all her heart that this man, this stranger would kiss her.

    "I've done everything I know to ignore this thing between us, but I can't, and neither can you," he said.

    "You're mistaken. Just because I said I liked you didn't mean--"

    His mouth covered hers and she forgot all about her fiancé. Her arms instinctively circled Zeke's neck, as he pressed closer, wrapping her in his delicious heat. Her head reeled with the driving need to join with him, to become a part of him. She wanted to feel his bare skin against hers, slick and damp with their lovemaking.




Very well written. A feisty, adorable heroine rescued by a yummy hero with an attitude, not to mention enough charm to entangle any woman?s heart. I was instantly hooked on the characters. Descriptions were vivid, and I loved the sense of humor weaved so effortlessly through the dialogue. Great read!



    The poor little rich girl and the millionaire trucker are caught together in a blizzard! Get ready for the ride of your life with Zeke and Susan. Barrett's tale is filled with romance and laughter and leaves you with lots of warm fuzzies. (And I'm not talking about the skunk that Susan found hiding in the bushes!)



      Read this book, romance fans, it has everything a great romance novel can offer; characters who find their soul mates, great dialog, super plot. The fact that the secondary characters are all very nice was very pleasant, not a mean one in the entire taleadds to the story. Definitely a recommended read." ~ Rated: 5 Hearts! Reviewed by Glenda K. Bauerle ~ The Romance Studio

      "Jo Barrett has done readers a huge favor by writing HIDDEN CURVES. Susan and Zeke are real and the banter they share is second to none. Oh, and lets not forget the tender moments that really heat up the pages!! What more can you ask for.a great storyline, hysterical, vulnerable and loveable characters that take you on a winding journey through life and love. HIDDEN CURVES is a great book that I give my highest recommendation.the Reviewer's Award!" ~ Reviewed by Jennifer Ray for The Road to Romance

      "HIDDEN CURVES by Jo Barrett is a gem of a story! I found it to be a refreshing and delightful interlude that was difficult to put down. I was actually disappointed when the story ended. I am pleased to be able to promote this terrific novel to all who love romance." ~ Nadine - Romance Junkies

      "HIDDEN CURVES is a romantic tale that entices readers with its humor, emotion, and engaging characters. Ms. Barrett displays an aptitude for making her characters and their emotions come alive for the reader. Susan and Zeke are well matched; this reviewer enjoyed their spirited exchanges. Their doubts, desires, and dreams are portrayed in an easily identifiable manner and ensure that readers become enmeshed in their lives. Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of this book for me is the way in which the author has balanced the friendship and love between Susan and Zeke. There is plenty of passion and heat between them, and it is complimented by their wit and developing friendship. The ending is as fresh and fun as the beginning and makes HIDDEN CURVES a great read for romance fans." ~ Amanda - Fallen Angels

      " Hidden Curves is more than just the bend in the road that takes Susan on a skid in her car. It is about coming into oneself, finding the strength to stand on your own feet and not be pushed or bullied around to someone else's way of thinking or life." ~ Pam - A Romance Review

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        Hidden Curves

        Hidden Curves

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