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  • He made a vow to protect her, but how would he protect his heart. Coming face to face with her first teenage crush, Bobbi McBride is more than just a little tongue-tied. Her dream prince is out cold and bleeding all over her cabin floor. But how did he get there, and more importantly, did he have news about her missing brother? Travis Reid, FBI agent, struggles to fulfill his promise to his friend and partner, Jason McBride. He must protect Jase's sister, Bobbi, whether she likes it or not, and give her the news of Jason's death. But he is totally unprepared for the temptingly beautiful woman who lays siege to the walls around his heart. She's no longer the little girl in pigtails and braces, but he knows all too well how deadly a distraction like love can be and refuses to make that mistake again.

    ISBN 1-60154-000-0
    (238 pages) - Spicy


    “You're just mad because he gave up so easily,” Travis said teasingly, hoping to hide how much the thought of her with someone else ate at him.

    “The only person I'm mad at is you.”

    As Bobbi retrieved her mail from her post office box, he leaned casually against the wall measuring her anger. “You really like him, don't you?”

    She slammed the little metal door closed. “Who I like or don't like is none of your business.”

    He grinned broadly as they stepped back outside. He did so love how her face colored up when she was riled, and he'd stake his best soufflé recipe that she wasn't interested in good ole' Doctor Stamens.

    “I'm willing to wager he doesn't make you feel the way I do when he kisses you,” he tossed out casually.

    Spinning around, nearly knocking him over with her suitcase of a pocketbook, she thrust her finger into his chest, her lips scant inches from his.

    “I don't feel anything where you're concerned except irritated.”

    The fire in her eyes, the berrylike scent he would always associate with her, set off a chain reaction he had no way of stopping.

    Snagging her wrist, he twisted her around and pinned her to the outside wall of the building with his body, ignoring his brain's repeated warnings to back off. Flames licked his skin where they touched, incinerating the last of his good sense.

    “I know for a fact that your pulse races and your breath quickens when I get close to you. When I touch you. Just like it is now.”




The only reason I gave it a 4 star is because it got kinda long but other than that I really enjoyed the twist and turns that the plot took...Janet



    "Tense, intriguing and full of surprises, PROMISES is a very satisfying read." ~ Alane Coppinger- Romance Junkies

    "Ms. Barrett writes a deeply moving story with intrigue and suspense which blends very well together." ~ Tracey West - The Road To Romance

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