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Jaclyn Tracey's life began in merry old England on an American Air Force Base, giving her dual citizenship to both beautiful countries. Although she grew up as an only child, she is blessed with an amazing family she cherishes. As a child her main dream was to learn ballet but two things kept her from her dream two left feet.

She grew up in Saratoga Springs, NY, where she met and married Steven, her best friend. They have been married twenty-two years. He is as an engineer developing and manafacturing digital mamography detectors that are improving women's health care. They have two beautiful children, Caitlyn and Christopher who are now in college. Caitlyn and her pitbull, Damon, live in Delaware and Christopher goes to college locally.

Jaclyn graduated from the Ellis School of Nursing. She is a Registered Nurse. She has held 3 positions since then, dermatology, allergies~asthma and last but not least, Living Resources, a community of dedicated people caring for the mentally disabled. Her hobbies include hiking, skiing the bunny hill, 4-wheeling in the winter with their jeep, traveling with her family and reading. Black and white photography was and still is one of her passions. January 1, 05', Jaclyn sat down and began writing Eden's Black Rose, after the Boston Red Socks won the World Series. She figured if they could win the series, she could write a book. She's grateful it didn't take 86 years to get published! Thank you, dear editor and The Wild Rose Press! Oh, and for the record, she's a loyal Yankees fan. Jaclyn belongs to a local chapter of the Romance writers of America, the CR-RWA and also to the RWA.
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