List of titles by author Renee Spencer

When Renee was growing up in the Chicago area, she thought she was about as far away from Regency England as a person could get, which is perhaps why she fell in love with reading them, and why she enjoys writing them. But after marrying her wonderful husband, and moving to his home state of Nebraska, she realized that perhaps there really was someplace a little further from the intricate world of the ton than she had originally thought.

After retiring, in her early thirties, from a hectic and demanding career, she spends her time raising her son. When she is not taking him from swim practices to swim meets, she enjoys volunteering, taking care of the familys neurotic Brittney Spaniel, Zoe, and of course, writing.

Since the publication of her first book, Nothing By Chance, she has spent her time continuing to write both Regency historicals and a romantic suspense. A Convenient Coincidence is the fifth full length manuscript she's written since joining Romance Writers of America and then a local chapter of RWA. And it is her second one to be published.
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