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I was brought into this world during the turbulent 60's by a midwife in Mexico, and my life has never been ordinary. The mystical came natural to a child born in a country where the extraordinary is never taken for granted. My family can attest to that. My mother had dreams of what was to come and my father could sense the out of the ordinary. My parents immigrated to the United States when I was two-years-old without much money, but excited about the opportunities they would give their children. As a child, I had to help my working class family in the onion fields where I learned that the power of imagination could take me to other worlds. Upon learning two languages, Spanish and English, my romance with words began. I was determined to pull myself out of poverty, so I forged through college by earning various Scholarships. I hold both a Bachelors degree in Journalism and a Masters degree in Theatre Arts. Throughout my life my parents took the family to Mexico several times a year, so when I write about it, I open my heart to tell stories of one of the places I consider home. I try to build emotional bridges through my work so that my readers know there is much more love in this world than we can imagine.
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