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As a teenager, I wanted to be a writer. In college at Indiana University, I studied journalism. However, I switched my concentration to business. I have a bachelor of science in business, an MBA, and I'm a licensed CPA in two states.

In 2010 with two partners, I purchased a meat and seafood distributorship in Panama City. We completed the deal by using a large portion of our life savings and a huge bank loan. The business was totally dependent upon the tourist industry.

Whenever a business is purchased with leverage (debt), the new owners must understand the business must be grown. Without growth, the new debt load will destroy the business.

We closed the deal on February 3, 2010. On April 20, 2010, British Petroleum blew up the Gulf of Mexico, destroyed the tourism business in our first year of ownership, and adversely impacted the industry for the next several years. Any chance we had to grow the business disappeared with the fireball over The Deepwater Horizon oil platform.

You might imagine the stress we were under. As a means to maintain my sanity during the business battles, I turned to writing. It took my mind off our troubles, and gave me a much-needed release.

From Sacred Ashes is a labor of love, stress, battle, emotional drain, and frustration. I'm proud of my novel. The creation of this book saved my sanity, and may save my life.

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