List of titles by author Christie Cole

Christie Cole is the pen name for Kate Merrill. She chose the pseudonym for her first novel, Northern Lights to honor her two mothers. Christie was Kates birth mother, who died when Kate was very young, and Cole was the maiden name of Kates stepmother, a loving influence in Kates adult life. Both wonderful women, along with Kates marvelous father who raised her, are inspirations for all Kates romances.

Kate especially loves choosing settings for her books that reflect special moments in her life. Like the heroine, Judith Caldwell, in Northern Lights, Kate spent many happy childhood summers in the remote wilderness of Michigans Upper Peninsula and enjoyed revisiting it for this book.

Kate is an art gallery owner who is passionate about writing fiction. She lives with her family in North Carolina on the shores of Lake Norman. When not writing or working with the artists she represents, Kate enjoys swimming, boating, and allowing her three strong-headed dogs to take her for a walk.
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