List of titles by author Pam Bazemore

Born in Cleveland, TN, this author grew up a tomboy among all male cousins. Playing cowboys and Indians, softball, climbing trees, and riding bikes was way more fun than playing dolls and dress up. After high school and a year of college, she spent one season at a North Carolina Beach working at a campground, and then returned to Tennessee to work at numerous jobs from cashier to factory worker. She also spent six years in the TN Army National Guard and became the first female in East Tennessee to have a license to drive a tank. She tried out for ‘The American Gladiators’ in the early ‘90’s, but didn’t make the final cut because she was two seconds too slow in the 30 yard dash. And it took a bit of doing, but she eventually found a man who loves and appreciates all the unique and special skills she’s accumulated along the way. In high school, writing poems and short stories started out as a hobby. Over the years, with personal journals filled with long lists of weird, strange, sometimes wonderful, sometimes scary adventures and life experiences, plus a love of 19th century history, a hobby became an obsession. ‘A Choice Between’ is her first novel. When not writing, she currently makes the claim of ‘glorified gopher’ for her husband’s business, devoted mom to their brilliant son, and alpha mom to six dogs she didn’t really intend to have but couldn’t give them up even if she wanted to.

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