List of titles by author Kathleen Buckley

When she was three years old, Kathleen Buckley’s father bought a set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Big books! With all kinds of words (and pictures) in them! By the age of twelve, she knew she wanted to write fiction (she also wanted to be a journalist, a spy and a spaceperson—but NASA wasn’t accepting female spacepersons then). She never became a journalist because she hates asking pushy questions, nor a spy, because she’s not good with foreign languages, has bad eyes and is not athletic. But along the way, she worked in a hospital billing department, as a bookkeeper in a print shop, as a paralegal, and as a security officer. In semi-retirement, she began to write full-time, at least when not pursuing her other hobbies: reading, cats, cooking, costume projects, and spinning wheel repair. And no, she can’t spin. That will have to come after the spinning wheel repair.

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