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Okay - do you want to know all the things I used to be? Mop girl at McDonald's-do you want fries with that? Emergency Medical Technician before automated external defibrillators. Emergency dispatcher before 911 was universal. Only woman on a jobsite of 300 construction guys (face it girls-they don't all have teeth and great abs!). Dorothy from Kansas - well, my dog was named Bobo, not Toto, but I did come from Kansas. When my house landed on the wicked witch of the west, I came east. That was 1972. I love slime lime green fingernail polish and kicking up my heels to Bluegrass music. I live in Maryland in the mountains near Camp David with my yodeling beagle-dog, Barney. My favorite neighbors are Amanda Sue, Tilly, Oreo, Nilly-Vanilly and Queen Latifah. They're cows, but who's counting? My muses have been with me forever - sorry Mr. Hirsch. If it looked like I was daydreaming during algebra class - I was. It never occurred to me to write about those special guys way back then. But now, I've placed them in romantic comedy situations and let them have full reign. If you want to know about tomato horn worms and snakes, don't ask me. I just shudder and make weird faces. I can tell you how a grandson can melt your heart or how a daughter graduating from college after ten long years of night school can make tears of pride well in your eyes. And over the last fifty odd years, I have learned about the endurance of friendship and the power of love. And that's what it's all about - right?
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