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Like many writers, I started as a child. My first piece was an obscure poem I wrote about a dog that was published in an even more obscure magazine while in college. After graduation, my first teaching position was at OHS in Ottawa, Illinois teaching Special Ed and Sophomore Composition. Then there was a very long hiatus where I did all the family stuff. I got married, had two kids, and came back to writing the year my daughter won a national writing contest with IBM when she was only eight. It was then I knew I had waited too long to put my stories on paper.

I began with little vignettes of family life which ended up in book collections such as Chicken Soup, Match Made in Heaven, and Sunday school weeklies. Next, came my first trilogy, followed by a few more trilogies as well as stand alone books.

During this time, I continued with my teaching career in Texas. Eight years ago, I moved from a traditional school to a county school for juvenile delinquents. I am the special ed coordinator, state testing coordinator, GED teacher, and ESl teacher.

Now single, I write under two names, Robin Shope and Robin Jansen. You can find my all my books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and through the White Rose Publishing website as well as The Wild Rose Press.

I live near Dallas, with my three dogs, and a lovely garden I try to keep alive in this Texas drought.

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I hope I get to keep writing novels--it's so much fun.
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